Red nose pitbulls

Red nose pitbulls are selectively bred for their pinkish red noses. They can vary in color as is the case for all pit bull terriers. They do not differ in any way other then the color of their noses to other pit bulls. Blue pit bulls are also an example of selective breeding for a physical trait (in that case for the blue-gray coat).

Grooming supplies for the short haired pit bulls is readily available by shopping at as well as at Several breeders as well as pit bull rescue organizations have red nose pit bulls available for purchase or adoption. is a good source for finding various types of pit bulls. also lists numerous puppies for sale as well as the breeders that have placed them for sale.

Like all pit bulls, the most important consideration that the owner must make is to properly train and socialize the pit bull. Recently, state laws have changed as many have implemented legislation, restricting pit bull ownership in some way. Whether it is an outright banning of the breed or making it a requirement to muzzle the dog when in public, owners must be aware of the limitations, if any, on owning pit bulls. A potentially dangerous situation can occur when an adult pit bull is combined with other household pets. It is important to take necessary precautions such as a complete evaluation of the dog’s temperament.

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