Are Pit Bulls a Man’s Best Friend?

It is commonly believed that the pit bull got its name from fighting dogs in a pit. Although pit bulls would fight other dogs, this breed was placed in pits to kill rats in an event called “ratting” long before it was ever seen fighting other dogs. The dog that killed the most rats would win.

Because of such conditioning, the pit bull does have aggressive tendencies. One tendency, for example, is that the pit bull tends to go for another dog’s neck. As a result, pit bulls should always be kept on a leash, especially around unknown dogs. This is precisely why it is imperative to socialize and train your dog from when it’s still a puppy. It should never be left around children. However, many pit bull lovers argue that the pit bull’s bad reputation is unfair and sometimes untrue. Sometimes news stories report that a pit bull was responsible for an injury or death, when it may not have been a pit bull or it may have been a mixed breed.

There are various types of pit bulls, but the one that usually comes to mind is the American pit bull. They’re usually just under 2 feet and weigh anywhere from 20 to over 100 lbs. The have a broad chest and strong jaw. The ADBA and UKC do not recognize those pit bulls whose tails are docked. However, any color is permitted. A common misconception is that the American pit bull is a large dog; however, they usually only range between 35-55 lbs. They are intelligent, eager to please their owner, and very loyal. They protect their territory and their owner and are willing to fight to their death to protect. Aside from being a guardian and companion, this breed is also known for herding, guarding, hunting, policing, and cart pulling. This breed is healthy in general, but sometimes suffers from hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts and allergies. The pit bull prefers warmer climates and its life expectancy is about 12 years.

If you are on a tight budget and prefer to train your own dog, there are used instructional books/guides available starting at just a couple of dollars. If you decide to train your pit bull on your own, remember that pit bulls are willful and need to be trained by a firm trainer. has accessories to train, clothe, feed, and groom your pit bull. Keep in mind when considering a pit bull that larger dogs will require a larger investment in food, accessories, and grooming supplies.

If you have limited time and money, consider purchasing a smaller dog.
Additionally,, and have clothing for you and your pet. You can pick a shirt that has a picture of your favorite breed or you can get one that simply expresses your love for dogs in general. Tote bags, wall clocks, and calendars are other American pit bull-related products that are or will be available on

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