Something to Think About for Blue pit bull kennels

There are several kennels that sell a variety of American Pit Bull Terriers including Blue Pit Bulls. Their name is indicative of their blue-grey coat. They have the same characteristics as any other pit bull except for the color of their coats.

Often, the breeder(s) will give information on the bloodlines of the offspring to allow the potential buyer to be assured of the purity of the breed and specifically of the potential pet. Certification of registration into a kennel club such as the American Kennel Club is very useful. The purpose of the dog is also an important consideration when looking to purchase a Blue Pit Bull. Many times the breeders will have both show and pet quality animals.

Finding a pet that is suitable for the owner is key, as a show quality pit bull may not display the qualities most important in a family setting for example, such as good temperament and kindness towards children. The purchaser must be made aware or request information on the status of vaccinations or health concerns of the dogs. Many kennels provide a health guarantee, which provides peace of mind to the owner.

Following the purchase of any pit bull or any other breed, the most important precautions to take to prevent possibly dangerous tendencies such as aggression towards other dogs, are to properly socialize and train at an early age. Although it may seem that one breeder has far greater success in producing a desirable line of pit bulls than another breeder, one must remember that every breeder produces both good and bad dogs despite their best efforts to produce good dogs.

A bad initial sign that a potential buyer should look for is if the breeder/kennel is in fact a puppy mill. A puppy mill describes a breeder that produces many litters without taking into account the demand. This then results in a surplus of puppies. When buying an American Pit Bull terrier for a specific purpose such as a show dog, or for protection, the best bet is to buy from a breeder who actively uses his dogs for that reason as well.

It is fairly easy to make the mistake of looking to very well known breeders when purchasing any breed of dog. However, these well known kennels or breeders are often well known because they produce many litters. Looking at the parents of a litter is usually a very good sign or indicator for how the litter will behave or look. Health checks, at the very least preliminary in nature, should be done by the breeder prior to the purchase of a dog from that breeder. Hip dysplasia is very important to rule out or deal with when purchasing or adopting pit bulls. A guarantee of health from the kennel is often available and can be a good sign of a respectable breeder.

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