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American Pit Bull Terriers are extremely loyal dogs that are often dog aggressive and may be aggressive to other animals, even to those with whom they were raised. Pit bulls were developed mainly for several blood sports including bear baiting and dog-fighting among others. It is this history of the breed that plays the major role in the temperament of the dog.

Pitbulls are often wrongly portrayed as dog and people attackers. Although this generalization is unfair, some poorly bred, trained or socialized dogs do exhibit overly aggressive tendencies. A responsible owner is needed in order to properly train and socialize the dog in order to prevent the rare but possible pitbull attack. As is the case with all other breeds, there are positives and negatives to the American Pitbull breed. As a general rule, pitbulls should be watched and not trusted with strange people or animals without proper precaution. Good pitbull owners are aware of the loving and loyal nature of properly trained and socialized dogs. They have a high threshold of pain, which makes them good with children (although supervision is recommended).

Austin TX Pit Bull Training for Loyalty

Pitbulls do not make good guardian dogs as they are often not aggressive to any person. They will protect their property and owners if provoked, however. Pitbulls are very willing to do what the owner says which allows for successful training, assuming that training is with a firm hand and consistent. Along with training of the dog, certain expectations for the owner. American Pitbulls require significant attention as they are very active and must have plenty of exercise. Without question, pitbulls require training for the safety of the public, the owner and the dog as well. Training may alleviate aggressive tendencies and, if done properly, can prevent especially unwanted behaviors depending on the owner’s needs.

Pit Bulls in Austin are Highly Intelligent

When training a pitbull, it is important to remember that the breed is highly intelligent so that a method may be found that is agreeable to the dog and the owner. Either positive training or aversive training can lead to a well-behaved and tempered dog. The method again depends on the owner and dog. However, aversive methods sometimes may override some positive tendencies of the dog. Another decision that the owner must make is whether to personally train or have professional assistance in training the dog. If choosing to have someone professionally train the dog, there are some considerations that should kept in mind when finding a trainer. For example, pitbulls as well as other breeds require attention that varies depending on the breed. This is especially true of pitbulls, and thus experience with pitbulls should be sought as past history with the breed may be indicative of a greater chance of success in training.

Training a Austin Texas Pitbull

When taking on the training of a pitbull, rewards and equipment to increase the efficiency of training have substantial benefits. Toys and rewards often help in keeping the pitbull involved while training it. Restraints, harnasses and other equipment allow the owner to maintain control while training the dog. Training equipment, toys, training manuals as well as many other accessories for pitbulls can be found at www.petsmart.com and www.amazon.com among others.

The origin of the pit bull varies depending on the source. However, pitbullregistry.com recognizes the following as the most valid account for the pitbull. The bulldogs date back to Roman times with bull baiting. The dogs during this time were wild and aggressive. In the 18thcentury, two fighting bulldogs emerged–the Blue poll of Scotland and the Alunt from Ireland.


By the early 19th century, because of selective breeding, a dog similar to the American pit bull emerged. However, due to a slow-moving economy and a law which prohibited low-income individuals from owning sporting dogs, bull baiting diminished. By the mid-1830’s, bull baiting was completely banned. As a result, people looked to other alternatives.

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Texas Pit Bull History

One was called ratting. The dog was placed in a pit with rats and the more rats the dog killed, the higher it would score. This is where the word “pit” in the American Pit Bull Terrier came from. When the UKC was founded in 1898, the American Pit Bull Terrier was the foundation dog breed. During WWI, the American pit bull was so popular that it became the canine mascot during the war. Another piece of trivia is that the first dog to cross America in a car was a pitbull named Bud, whose goggles were donated to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.