Pit Bull Dog health tips

Pit Bull Dog health tips to prevent frequent tips to the Vet.

Joint problems are a very common dog health issue, especially for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Because they are so active, twisting, spraining, pulling, dislocating, bruising is very common for the pitbull dog.

Unfortunately, not paying attention to the latest contemporary dog health testing is also adding to this problem. By not proactively testing for cases such as Dysplasia, the risks of the pups have joint problems increases.

Here are some insider dog health tips for pitbulls as well as other breeds.

1. Warm your dogs up before exercising them.

This will also help prevent strains, sprains and tears of the muscles. Warming them up by walking them briskly for 10-15 minutes before play time will help keep their joints flexible and their muscles ready for action.

2. Avoid Concrete and Asphalt when possible.

Avoid hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Dog Health experts advise people to do the same. Run on dirt, grass, or some other softer surface to lighten the impact on the joints.

3. Stretch your pitbull them out.

This helps keep the muscles flexible which helps the joint as well. If the muscles are flexible and not stiff they will be able to support the joint better during exercise.

4. Use Dog health Supplements.

I have found two supplements that are getting rave reviews and one of them I recently tried with some success. First the one that is getting great reviews from everyone I speak with about it. Syn-Flex for pets.

Since we are not a vetinary doctor, you can get more dog health related information by going to: the Syn-Flex website.

The other supplement found to be pretty effective is

Glyco-Flex. A friend of the family gave me a bottle of this stuff and while I still have some left I plan on ordering more as soon as this supply runs out.

Not very long mind you, but she doesn’t seem as stiff as she was before. And to me, any improvement is a great improvement.

If you are interested in learning more visit 1-800-Pet-Meds for more information about Glyco-Flex. You can find it from $39.99-$41 per bottle. It’s not cheap, but neither are your dogs joints.

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5. Watch their weight

Obesity in dogs is a major cause of joint problems and other dog health issues. All that extra weight bearing down on your dogs joints puts a lot of strain on them and an otherwise healthy joint becomes a canidate for future problems.

Put your dog on a strict diet. This includes a regular meal plan that will maintain a healthy weight.

Even if your dog is currently at their perfect weight, consulting your vet and building a diet maintaince program to maintain that healthy wet is always a good idea.

In the end a lot of love, a little common sense, and using preventive measures like stretching and supplements will help your dogs joints stay stronger.

6. Avoid over stress

While exercising for your dog’s health is important, Excessive exercising can be damaging to the joints. Keep exercise/play sessions light and remember to warm your dog up and cool them down afterwards to avoid any muscle cramps or sprains as well.