General Choices of American Pitbulls

American pitbulls are usually between 1.5-2 feet tall and they weigh between 20 to just over 100 lbs. It has a strong jaw and broad chest. The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) do not recognize dogs whose tails are docked. The American pitbull comes in a variety of colors. All colors are allowed. The life expectancy of this breed is about 12 years. This breed is extremely loyal to its owner and his/her property and will fight to its death to defend those things or individuals to which/whom it is loyal.
One common misconception is that the American pitbull is a large dog; however, this breed is commonly between 35-55 lbs. Those who are near or above 100 lbs have probably been bred with another breed. The American pitbull does better in warmer climates. The breed is general is healthy, but sometimes suffers from hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts and allergies. Initially trained to fight, the American pitbull will go for a dog"s neck; therefore, it is important to socialize them from an early age.

Always keep these pitbulls on a leash when around unknown dogs (especially if your pitbull has not been socialized properly). These dogs usually have a high tolerance for pain so they regularly tolerate when you play rough with them. Although the American pitbull has aggressive tendencies, notes that many incidents associated with this breed really have nothing to do with the breed. In some cases, news stations will report that a pitbull was involved, but the dog was a mixed breed or some other kind of bull dog. These stories have given the pitbull a negative reputation although many people who own these dogs have had favorable experiences.

The American pitbull serves many functions aside from being a guardian and companion; they are also known for herding, guarding, hunting, policing, and cart pulling. The pitbull is intelligent and seeks to please its owner(s). Its willful spirit requires a strong and firm trainer. They should never be left alone with children. has pitbull shirts for about $14. Purchased in bulk, some sites will cover shipping costs. Remember that bigger dogs will require more expensive products, from bigger leashes to collars to food. They often require more exercise and bigger space as well.

If you would need to keep them in an apartment and cannot take them out for exercise, you might consider a smaller dog that could run around inside and do its own exercise. If you"d like more information on the American pitbull, one option would be to look on It has various books on this breed and pitbulls in general; some were available at just under $2. There are also American pitbull sweat-/t-shirts available from about $13 to about $25. Tote bags, wall clocks, and calendars are other American pitbull-related products that are or will be available on

Your Pit Bull Essentials – Buyer"s Guide

When you first get your pit bull, consider purchasing some of the following essentials: a collar, leash, food, bed/crate and proper protection against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (for heartworm prevention).

Some states have high levels of fleas and ticks. Some people who buy less expensive tick/flea solutions (i.e. from Petsmart or Petco) do not experience good results. The other and more recommended alternative is to obtain these from your dog"s veterinarian. One can get their dog"s grooming done at any Petsmart or Petco. If you have experience, you could do it yourself. The actual grooming table sells for about $90-100 at Petsmart. Shampoos are about $10 and brushes are about $7. The trimmers can start at about $25. One can sometimes find less expensive dog supplies, such as bedding, food, and toys at Walmart. If you take your pit bull for grooming, they will bathe and brush it, clean the ears, and clip its nails. At Petco, your dog can be bathed and brushed for just under $30. Because its hair remains short, there is no additional grooming that would add to the cost.

If you"re interested in treating your pit bull to a good snack, but also want to keep its teeth healthy, you may consider a treat with no by-products, preservatives, or artificial colors. For pit bulls up to about 50 lbs., you can purchase some “Greenies" from for about $15. also has all-natural treats for about $6. mainly sells toys and treats for your dog, including healthy alternatives. These range from about $2-8. has leashes and collars on sale as well. For medium and large pit bulls, one can purchase a collar for $25 and $26 respectively. This site currently has just under 10 different designs to choose from. On, you can purchase an illuminated collar if you are used to taking your dog on walks at night. These collars are not reflectors and their battery life is about 4 months with normal use. There"s one standard leash length of 9 feet for $29. If you"re searching for a more tough-guy collar, Petsmart has a wider assortment of collars and leashes. Retractable leashes are more expensive (about $30 for a medium-sized dog), but allow you to control your pit bull"s lead and offer you the luxury of not having to run around with your dog wherever it wants to go. also has pinch or choke chains for your pit bull for training purposes only. These collars are used to apply pressure when the trainer is correcting the dog. These collars are not for everyday use or to be left on your pit bull when it"s outside. If it gets caught on something, it could choke or strangle your dog. This is why it is important for the collar to be used by someone who is experienced and only during training.
Because pit bulls tend to be quite strong and willful, purchasing a harness may prevent your dog from choking when it is being walked. If it tends to pull when you are walking it, the pressure of the harness is placed on the chest and ribcage instead of the neck, which could make for a more pleasant experience for you and your dog. There are also harnesses that put some pressure on your dog to discourage from pulling on walks. These are about $14 at if you have a medium-sized pit bull.

If you keep your pit bull outside, you may also consider purchasing a “tie-out" with a chain attached. These allow the dog to run around, but limit the space to the length of the chain. This can be beneficial if your dog has not been socialized or trained properly or if you are concerned about it being around children or guests. Remember, pit bulls are very loyal to their owners and feel the need to protect.

Red nose pitbulls

Red nose pitbulls are selectively bred for their pinkish red noses. They can vary in color as is the case for all pit bull terriers. They do not differ in any way other then the color of their noses to other pit bulls. Blue pit bulls are also an example of selective breeding for a physical trait (in that case for the blue-gray coat).

Grooming supplies for the short haired pit bulls is readily available by shopping at as well as at Several breeders as well as pit bull rescue organizations have red nose pit bulls available for purchase or adoption. is a good source for finding various types of pit bulls. also lists numerous puppies for sale as well as the breeders that have placed them for sale.

Like all pit bulls, the most important consideration that the owner must make is to properly train and socialize the pit bull. Recently, state laws have changed as many have implemented legislation, restricting pit bull ownership in some way. Whether it is an outright banning of the breed or making it a requirement to muzzle the dog when in public, owners must be aware of the limitations, if any, on owning pit bulls. A potentially dangerous situation can occur when an adult pit bull is combined with other household pets. It is important to take necessary precautions such as a complete evaluation of the dog’s temperament.

Something to Think About for Blue pit bull kennels

There are several kennels that sell a variety of American Pit Bull Terriers including Blue Pit Bulls. Their name is indicative of their blue-grey coat. They have the same characteristics as any other pit bull except for the color of their coats.

Often, the breeder(s) will give information on the bloodlines of the offspring to allow the potential buyer to be assured of the purity of the breed and specifically of the potential pet. Certification of registration into a kennel club such as the American Kennel Club is very useful. The purpose of the dog is also an important consideration when looking to purchase a Blue Pit Bull. Many times the breeders will have both show and pet quality animals.

Finding a pet that is suitable for the owner is key, as a show quality pit bull may not display the qualities most important in a family setting for example, such as good temperament and kindness towards children. The purchaser must be made aware or request information on the status of vaccinations or health concerns of the dogs. Many kennels provide a health guarantee, which provides peace of mind to the owner.

Following the purchase of any pit bull or any other breed, the most important precautions to take to prevent possibly dangerous tendencies such as aggression towards other dogs, are to properly socialize and train at an early age. Although it may seem that one breeder has far greater success in producing a desirable line of pit bulls than another breeder, one must remember that every breeder produces both good and bad dogs despite their best efforts to produce good dogs.

A bad initial sign that a potential buyer should look for is if the breeder/kennel is in fact a puppy mill. A puppy mill describes a breeder that produces many litters without taking into account the demand. This then results in a surplus of puppies. When buying an American Pit Bull terrier for a specific purpose such as a show dog, or for protection, the best bet is to buy from a breeder who actively uses his dogs for that reason as well.

It is fairly easy to make the mistake of looking to very well known breeders when purchasing any breed of dog. However, these well known kennels or breeders are often well known because they produce many litters. Looking at the parents of a litter is usually a very good sign or indicator for how the litter will behave or look. Health checks, at the very least preliminary in nature, should be done by the breeder prior to the purchase of a dog from that breeder. Hip dysplasia is very important to rule out or deal with when purchasing or adopting pit bulls. A guarantee of health from the kennel is often available and can be a good sign of a respectable breeder.

Are Pit Bulls a Man"s Best Friend?

It is commonly believed that the pit bull got its name from fighting dogs in a pit. Although pit bulls would fight other dogs, this breed was placed in pits to kill rats in an event called “ratting" long before it was ever seen fighting other dogs. The dog that killed the most rats would win.

Because of such conditioning, the pit bull does have aggressive tendencies. One tendency, for example, is that the pit bull tends to go for another dog"s neck. As a result, pit bulls should always be kept on a leash, especially around unknown dogs. This is precisely why it is imperative to socialize and train your dog from when it"s still a puppy. It should never be left around children. However, many pit bull lovers argue that the pit bull"s bad reputation is unfair and sometimes untrue. Sometimes news stories report that a pit bull was responsible for an injury or death, when it may not have been a pit bull or it may have been a mixed breed.

There are various types of pit bulls, but the one that usually comes to mind is the American pit bull. They"re usually just under 2 feet and weigh anywhere from 20 to over 100 lbs. The have a broad chest and strong jaw. The ADBA and UKC do not recognize those pit bulls whose tails are docked. However, any color is permitted. A common misconception is that the American pit bull is a large dog; however, they usually only range between 35-55 lbs. They are intelligent, eager to please their owner, and very loyal. They protect their territory and their owner and are willing to fight to their death to protect. Aside from being a guardian and companion, this breed is also known for herding, guarding, hunting, policing, and cart pulling. This breed is healthy in general, but sometimes suffers from hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts and allergies. The pit bull prefers warmer climates and its life expectancy is about 12 years.

If you are on a tight budget and prefer to train your own dog, there are used instructional books/guides available starting at just a couple of dollars. If you decide to train your pit bull on your own, remember that pit bulls are willful and need to be trained by a firm trainer. has accessories to train, clothe, feed, and groom your pit bull. Keep in mind when considering a pit bull that larger dogs will require a larger investment in food, accessories, and grooming supplies.

If you have limited time and money, consider purchasing a smaller dog.
Additionally,, and have clothing for you and your pet. You can pick a shirt that has a picture of your favorite breed or you can get one that simply expresses your love for dogs in general. Tote bags, wall clocks, and calendars are other American pit bull-related products that are or will be available on