American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier breed is a type of dog that is very muscular. This gives the dog a lot of power for its relatively average size. This type of dog is 17 to 19 inches high and can weigh up to 50 pounds. This breed shares its ancestry with the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American pit bull terrier.

Origins of the American Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire bull terrier and the Blue Paul terrier, which no longer exists, were the first dogs to arrive in the United States with immigrants. Blue Paul terriers were bigger than the Staffordshire bull terrier breed and were also used in dogfighting. Paddy and Pilot were two dogs that were imported from England and were used in forming the Americanized breed. Breeding was begun in order to create dogs of a bigger weight and height. This breeding also made the head and chest larger. Cropped ears made the head appear larger and they also made it less of a possibility that the ears would rip during dogfighting.

In 1900, dog fighting became illegal, so a group of people who admired the breed got together in order to promote other characteristics besides those desirable for fighting. The American Staffordshire was used in World War II and one of the dogs became the most decorated war dog. The American Kennel Club recognized these dogs as a separate breed in 1936, but they were called the Staffordshire terrier. The term American was added to the breed name in 1972 in order to prevent confusion with the similarly-named Staffordshire bull terrier. After its popularity increased, the breed spread all over.

Today’s American Staffordshire terrier is differentiated from the pit bull, but it was registered in 1898 as the American pit bull terrier. At the time of registration, common names such as the Yankee terrier, pit bulldog, and blue paul were abandoned.


The American Staffordshire terrier differs from the pit bull dog in several areas. In terms of color, there is no priority, but the brindle color is the most popular. Black and tan are not popular because they show heredity of the black and tan terrier. Liver and white are also not desirable in this breed. The bone structure in the American Staffordshire terrier is important, while the pit bull’s agility is what is considered most important.


The American Staffordshire terrier has a bad reputation, but it’s actually a very sweet and friendly dog around children. Even when dogfighting was popular, the hostility of this breed was towards other dogs and not directed at humans. This breed was bred specifically because it could be aggressive to other dogs and still be easily handle by owners. These dogs were also bred in order to achieve the goals set by their masters.

This breed is loyal and intelligent and makes a great companion. The tolerance displayed during dog fighting times is now displayed into patience with family members. These dogs are also very courageous and make excellent guard dogs due to their strength and agility. These characteristics can be enhanced with proper training and love.

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